New to the sport?
If you’ve never played bowls before, this is the perfect way to start as Polegrove Bowls Club will supply all the equipment you need, you just need to arrive with flat footwear and comfortable clothing!

Returning to bowls?
And if you’re coming back to the sport, this is also the perfect way to ease yourself back in at a club near to you with welcoming faces and like-minded players.

Bowls is as DOABLE a sport as you
can find. Physically, financially and
practically, there are no intrinsic reasons
not to give it a go.

Older people and those with disabilities
or health conditions find bowls
VITALIZING. It delivers significant mental
and physical health benefits and can act
as an essential social lifeline.

Bowls is highly SOCIABLE providing
a level playing field across ages and
genders. Competition among friends
and family is authentic and clubs can feel
like a home from home.

And finally, playing bowls is simple skill
which takes a minute to learn, but a
lifetime to master. Its MEZMERIZING
qualities capture imaginations and give
people the time of their life.


Polegrove Bowls Club are holding their open invitation to bowling on Saturday 27th May 10am to 4pm.  If you would like to attend please simply complete the form below to let us know you will be attending.