In bowls this is the 30 second sanctuary of the pre-shot delivery routine.

Develop, practice, perfect and memorise an all-purpose delivery ritual whereby you’re always perfectly set up for bowling the desired shot.


As with a pilot or when driving, this should always be the same including timing of everything. (There is no difference at 0 – 0 in a friendly or 20 -19 in a championship final)

Always “say the shot”, “see the shot”, and “feel the shot”

Cockpit routine

Mat and bowl together

Mat placed just as marker is ready (in 2 wood this can be a wait)

Pick up bowl in non-dominant hand

Stand at least 1 metre back from the mat where all thinking, assessments and decisions are made (receiving information from skip/partner/marker, estimating the required angle and length, shot selection, focusing the eyes etc)

Check grip and bias

Only then approach mat on delivery line.

On mat momentarily pause (feeling knees bend with weight sinking onto both feet) and deliver – mind is free from distracting body which enables fluid and successful delivery.

Skilful bowlers give attention to their objective for each delivery not to the mechanics by which they will achieve it.