Blue and White for Sussex Day Celebration.

The sun shone on Wednesday 16th June as players new to bowls joined Club members in a ‘blue and white’ celebration of Sussex Day. Playing in teams of four the games provided a great opportunity to give those new to the sport an understanding of how to play in matches.

Each team consisted of both new and experienced bowlers but the loudest cheers were always heard when new players bowled the winning shot.

Bowls is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. It is fun to play and a great way to get active outdoors. 

If you are interested in trying bowls then contact Nicki Dale at to arrange a free taster session.



We celebrated the Bowls England ‘Bowls Big Weekend’ in the sunshine as over 50 people joined us for their first taste of bowls. From Friday 28th to Monday 31st May coaches and volunteers from the club welcomed those wanting to try the game of lawn bowls. 

With three booked sessions a day we were able to ensure everyone had instruction in how to hold and deliver a bowl before some serious practice up and down the bowls rink commenced. 

Throughout the weekend we were joined by all ages and everyone had their own reason for having their first taste of bowls. Whilst some were looking to take up a new sport that they can participate in  at a competitive level, others were attracted to the idea of a sociable hobby to take up as retirement approaches. One family joined us to celebrate a birthday and many couples came along to try it because it looked like fun.

Once they had learned the basics everyone had a welcome refreshment break before moving on to play some fun bowls target games. It was then that we saw the really competitive side coming out as they aimed for the highest score on the target or took the challenge of bowling into a target wedge for the most points.

We were delighted to find so many promising talents and have already arranged for those wanting to progress to have free bowls lessons. Cllr Brian Drayson joined us on Monday and having recently got the ‘bowls bug’ himself sportingly had a go at our target challenge.

It was wonderful to see so many people discovering how fantastic lawn bowls is. Not only is it a very sociable sport but a great way to get active in the outdoors.

If you are tempted to give bowls a try then contact Nicki Dale at



With the support of Active Rother Polegrove Bowls Club are pleased to be offering a number of ‘Introduction to Bowls’ packages in 2021. These include:

  • Free coaching/lessons and support for new bowlers.
  • One month’s free use of the bowls greens at the Polegrove.
  • One month’s free club membership.
  • One month’s free attendance on Friday club afternoons.
  • At the end of the first month a 50% reduction in club membership fees.

Contact Nicki Dale on for more information.

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07483 095835 

Polegrove Bowls Club is located in Bexhill-on-sea, East Sussex and is situated just off the seafront.  

  • We are a friendly outdoor bowling club and have a regular club days on Fridays (1.45 for 2pm start).
  • Polegrove has mixed, ladies, and men’s matches.
  • We have had many highly successful junior players and welcome new juniors to join the club.
  • New players of all ages and abilities always welcome.



In 2018 we celebrated 10 years as a mixed club