You’re hands are the only part of the body in touch with the bowl and they act as a great barometer for feeling tension throughout your delivery. Tension in the hand/arm goes up the forearm to the chest and shoulder and whole body.

When the hand holds the bowl too tightly in an effort to control it, tension is added to the arms and shoulders, which in turn produces a slower delivery speed and inconsistent shots.

Grip: Is the bowl ‘resting’ in the hand or being squeezed hard? When tightening the grip, muscles shorten and contract because muscles shorten when getting tense. This tension will affect the whole body and therefore the swing, starting from the hands right to follow-through.

You can test your grip pressure by closing your eyes during your practice swing. Your sense of feel is much more acute when your eyes are closed and you will quickly be able to determine if you are squeezing the bowl too hard.


Soft hands may well help lengthen follow through. It is the key to releasing the bowl well.


Soft shoulders = soft hands and relaxed elbows. Thinking ‘soft shoulders’ frees up the upper body and enables a much more fluid feel throughout the delivery.



The more relaxed you keep your hands and arms the faster you can swing.


Tension destroys speed.


Breathe. Relax. Enjoy every delivery!

Additional Resources: YouTube