Each player in the team has a role in a rink or 4s game
21 ends are usually played with 2 trial ends first
Lead, bowls the jack and straightens it
2, puts the score on the scoreboard and if delegated by the skip keeps the score card – (the score card should always be kept at the same end of the rink so the scores can be compared)
3, decides on the number of shots scored and measures if necessary
(No other team member should be involved in this discussion)
Number 3 should carry a measure, wedges and chalk. (Spray chalk is now recommended)
Skip, guides the team and gives instruction and encouragement, chalks all touching woods.
Keeps the scorecard if number 2 doesn’t.
The skip can also measure or decide shots scored if the number 3s cannot agree
Or the umpire may be called to measure and make the decision
In a triples match 18 ends are played and 2 trial ends
The skip will keep the scorecard and the number two will decide shots scored
A pairs match is played over 21 ends with 2 trial ends
In a pairs game the leads will decide scores, the skip keeps the scorecard
A singles match is usually played first to 21 shots and a marker is needed
The first named person in the draw is the challenger and should arrange the game by giving 2 dates, they should also book a rink and arrange a marker
In all competitions players are not allowed to practice on the same rink on the day they are playing
Most friendly matches start with the visitors bowling the jack first
In a competition the jack is tossed for and the winner decides whether to bowl first or not
In all team games all players should help kick back the woods at the end of each end
The bowls should be behind the mat and to one side to avoid any accidents or tripping on woods
Whilst a bowler is on the mat bowling everyone else should be behind the mat and not in the bowler’s line of vision by standing alongside
Whilst a bowler is bowling it is polite to be quiet so that they can concentrate on their bowl
Wait for the previous bowl to stop before you bowl your bowl
Always keep still at the head while someone is bowling
It is not considered to be sporting to clap or cheer a bowl that an opponent hits in accidentally
If your opponent has last bowl it is polite to pick up the mat after they have bowled
If you are playing in a competition and your opponent hasn’t contacted you, you can contact
them and ask them for some dates
If they haven’t contacted you a week prior to the end of the round you then become the
challenger and can offer dates
If neither player arranges the match both would be eliminated from the competition.​