Practice There are three key elements to being a high performance lawn bowler –

practice, practice and practice.


Purpose – increase learning by getting into awareness mode and out of trying mode.

Many club members spend time rolling up, which is good, but to improve one’s level of play purposeful practice is required.

Concentrate and be focused – heart and attitude entirely on what you are practicing

Work on flaws/weaknesses

Practice what is needed for your team position   i.e. jack placement if lead

Whatever motivates

Be intentional

Build in consistency

Make it fun and challenging

You get out what you put in

Finish roll up session on a high

All important with purposeful practice is the process not the outcome. (One can draw to the jack with poor technique and luck!)

Analyse every shot.

As soon as a bowl leaves your hand try to predict where it will come to rest. Then watch it all the way to its resting place. Try to figure out why it didn’t stop where you wanted it to, and what correction you need to make for your next shot.

To this end Laghlan Tighe has produced a range of exercises, some individual, some in team some for particular shots and a number for specific game scenarios.

Enjoy picking some out and having a go remembering to practice in windy and wet weather too!