Games with purpose

When rolling up, whilst having fun and enjoyment, it is good to be concentrating on a particular aspect of one’s game to bring improvement in performance.


Singles Game 1: to become accustomed to perceived pressure

One player with 2 bowls, other with 4

Player with 2 bowls delivers first and last of the 6 delivered bowls

Score as normal

Play 2 ends like this and then swop having the 2 or 4 bowls


Singles Game 2: exaggerated lead and skip roles

One player bowls all 4 bowls and leaves in place

Opponent delivers their 4

Score as normal. (Note who wins the end, ‘lead’ or ‘skip’)

Alternate each end who goes first


Singles Game 3: ‘4, 3, 2, 1’

Play as for singles but shot bowl scores 4; 2nd 3; 3rd bowl 2 and 4th bowl 1

First to score 21 wins the game (Every bowl matters – no resting on laurels when get excellent ‘shot’ wood; playing for second wood can be important; requires strategic placing of bowls)


Singles Game 4:

Play as for singles but once end is completed remove bowl that is furthest away.

(Next end one player will have 3 bowls, one 4)

Continue until you get a winner

Score: Points for remaining bowls (+3 for winning?)

(Be penalized for poor bowl and poor concentration!)


Singles Game 5: Chase the jack

3 bowls each         Strings mark the rink boundaries

Jack is delivered anywhere within the rink (although it MUST be minimum length. Can go right up to the ditch and each edge)

(Can be played with 3 players)


Pairs game 1: ‘Toucher’

Normal pairs game but mat and jack fixed at minimum length

Each toucher scores 3 points (– 6 points if kill the end)

When the leads have finished whichever ‘pair’ is holding at this point scores 3

Score as normal when the end is completed. First to 50 to decide winners

(Can decide to swap leading and skipping after so many agreed ends)


3 Player Game 1: 2 v 1

Each player has 4 bowls but 2 team up against 1

Take it in turns to bowl. (Team of 2 always start the end)

Score as normal

To win singles player has to get 5, pair 15