At the beginning of any season it is good to practice safely, intentionally and productively. Here are some suggestions for this year.


Relax and enjoy Playing with this mind set means you bowl better.

Fitness Always warm-up before bowling and continue to work on fitness. (Walking at a pace to raise heart beat and respiration rate is excellent)

Roll-up Planned and with purpose; Bowl even number of backhands and forehands

Hone the pre-delivery routine

Consistency is key in bowls. Fix a short jack length. Only slightly lengthen when 75% within a mat length (ML)

Play from different positions on the mat (ensuring no pigeon toes)

Observe and learn from the best

Avoid short bowls Particularly at the start of the outdoor season. Put emphasis on transfer of body weight not swing.

Record Using phones or iPad to video delivery action offers brilliant feedback i.e. Is my head still? On delivery am I extending low and slow? Is my lead heel close to my back knee on release? Is my follow through straight?

Monitor session. What is working well? What am I weak on and needs improving? Train accordingly. Drill results can be recorded and goals set.

Focus: where your mind goes everything else follows

(Be aware if coming from playing indoor bowls how different your action and timing will be)



Bowling into the ditch


Yard on

Yard off